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Swimma Sizes


is HUGE and fits waist length to longer locs / dreadlocks and braids /boxbraids. It is too big for regular hair or shorter braids or locs. If you switch between hairstyles, it is advisable to purchase different sizes.

Afro-superlarge is 36 cm or 14.17 inches when flat.

Afro-regular Narrow

fits is quite large and fits long braids and dreadlocks. It has a narrower opening around the head (19cm) to fit smaller head sizes. It’s is 29cm length


fits is quite large and fits long braids and dreadlocks. It’s is 29cm length. It has a wider opening (than Afro-Reg Narrow), opening is 23cm


fits adults with with high volume afro, braids, locs / dreadlocks.

It’s 26cm or 10.24 inches length

Afro-Kids on adults

Fits kids from 8 years up to adults with high volume hair /dreadlocks / braids 25cm in length. For kids younger than 7 years afro-kids midi is more suitable, of course depends on head sizes.

Afro-Kids on Kids

fits younger kids 7 years and up to adults with high hair volume, braids and dreadlocks. It’s 25cm length

Afro-Kids Midi


fits tots and young kids who do no have high volume hair. It’s 19cm length