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Swimma Sizes


is HUGE and fits waist length to longer locs / dreadlocks and braids /boxbraids. It is too big for regular hair or shorter braids or locs. If you switch between hairstyles, it is advisable to purchase different sizes.

Afro-superlarge is 36 cm or 14.17 inches when flat.

Afro-regular Narrow

This is a generously sized cap that fits very long braids and dreadlocks. It has a narrower opening around the head (19cm) to fit smaller head sizes for a snug fit. It’s is 29cm length.

Video – Braids in Afro-Regular Narrow


This cap is LARGE and fits only suitable for very long braids or dreadlocks. It’s is 29cm length. It has a wider opening (than Afro-Reg Narrow), opening is 23cm. If you switch between hairstyles braids to afro, it will be too big for your afro.


fits adults with with high volume afro, braids, locs / dreadlocks.

It’s 26cm or 10.24 inches length

Afro-Kids also FITS adults

Afro-kids is bigger and has more room than the small standard caps out there. It fits older kids from 8 years old up to adults, with high volume hair /dreadlocks / braids 25cm in length. For kids younger than 7 years afro-kids midi is more suitable, of course depends on head sizes.

Afro-Kids on Kids

Fits younger kids 7 years and up to adults with high hair volume, braids and dreadlocks. It’s 25cm length

Afro-Kids Midi



fits tots and young kids who do no have high volume hair. It’s 19cm length