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Founder of Swimma Caps – Why Swimma?

Swimma swim caps are made of 100% silicone material. They come packed in a reusable ziplock bag

We have a range of different sizes please make sure to check:

Afro-Tots fits tots and young kids who do no have high volume hair. It's 19cm length

Afro-Kids midi fits younger kids between from 3 - 7 years with high volume hair. It's 24cm length

Afro-Kids fits kids from 7 yrs up to adults with high volume hair /dreadlocks / braids 25cm length

Afro-midi fits adults with with high volume afro, braids, dreadlocks. It's 26cm length

Afro-regular fits is quite large and fits long braids and dreadlocks. It's is 29cm length

Afro-regular Narrow fits is quite large and fits long braids and dreadlocks BUT it has a narrower opening to fit smaller head sizes. It's is 29cm length

Afro-superlarge is HUGE and fits waist length to longer dreadlocks and braids. It also suitable for long and thick braids. 36 cm length.

No, if you regularly change hairstyles it is best to have different size caps. For example afro-regular is suitable for braids and locks but it will be way too big over just hair.

Our caps are made of 100% silicone which in itself is waterproof however swim caps are not a complete seal. We have many different sizes and if you have a correct fit and the cap fits snugly around your head your hair should be mostly' dry, depending on the style of swimming. Wetness around the edges may occur.

South Africa it takes 3 - 5 days depending on exact location.

USA via a distributor delivery takes an average of 10 days. The vast majority gets there in a week but there are some that take up to 2 weeks

The rest of the world shipping takes 2 - 7 weeks depending on the receiving country and customs processes