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Swimma, Inclusive Products!

Swimming caps, shower caps and goggles that fit long hair, braids, locs, etc

Swimma - Worldwide Shipping

Swimming caps and shower caps designed to fit diverse hair types and volume

Client Testimonials

Here is what some of our clients say...

  • Founder, Nomvuyo Treffers

    I'm based in Cape Town, South Africa. Swimma was founded in 2016. I'm a mother who was frustrated by not finding a cap that could fit over my long locs and my daughters afro hair.

    We have since launched shower caps 'that FIT'. We all know shower caps have been around for decades, but many of us could never fit into them. Swimma could not stand idly by and came up with a solution. Not only do our caps fit almost anyone (and if anyone's hair does NOT fit into our largest one I will make one especially for them!), but also made sure our shower caps are luxurious with a satin lining. They are long lasting and look good, as opposed to the general plastic cap one buys.

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