Things to know / Frequently Asked Questions

We regularly get asked the same questions. Have a look to see if any query you may have is not already answered here.


Are the caps suitable for children?

While this depends on the headsize of the child, the opening of the cap may be too wide for smaller kids. From about 11 years of age most kids will be ok, especially when using goggles over the cap to give it a little extra support. For younger children it is likely too wide. But fear not – AfroKids caps are on the way!

Do you have different colours?

When Henry Ford (of Ford motor cars) was asked this question, his answer was “you can have any colour you want, as long as it’s black”. We currently only have black – but other colours are on the way. Watch this space!

Does it really keep my hair 100% dry?

Silicone is the best material to keep hair as dry as possible. When fitted propely, over the ears, the cap will keep your hair dry. Naturally, if you go under water there is always a possibility of it not being completely sealed around your head and some water may get in but under all normal circumstances this will be very limited. In my swimming I have gone completely under numerous times without any issues.