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Cape Town – Swimma Caps has recently sponsored Ketsh Up with swimming caps from their iconic range. Ketsh Up is a group of ladies in Port Elizabeth who are teaching others how to swim and cycle.

Ketsh Up, a slang version  of ‘catching up’ as the name suggests, is about motivating more women from all walks of life particularly African women to acquire cycling and swimming skills  to destroy stereotypes and diversify the  triathlon scene. The fact that Ketsh Up is made up of women of all ages not only youth but also “older” people, shows that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.

Bianca Mathe-Reichelt together with her best friend, Rebecca Gatang’i learned to swim later in life and they realised there were many others like them. When Mathe-Reichelt entered the Corporate Ironman in 2016, she realised she was the only woman of colour who competed as an individual, while others competed in groups. She sought to find out what could be the reason for this and she discovered that people could not swim or cycle. This sparked the idea to teach others and Ketsh Up was born. Phindile Nama, 45 was the first Ketsh Up recruit. At the time of joining, Nama could only do breaststrokes and couldn’t do freestyle or swim in the ocean. Ketsh Up team which consisted of 25 ladies officially participated in the Corporate Ironman 2017. Ironman is an annual event held in Port Elizabeth, in the Nelson Mandela Bay and consist of bike riding, running and swimming in the ocean.


The age group of the ladies who participated in the Corporate Ironman 2017 was between 25 and 60 years old. The group also does cycling and this is done by volunteers who pay forward by donating their time to teach women how to cycle.

A few of their member were raving about Swimma Caps, after constant struggles with ill-fitting caps. Nomvuyo Treffers, owner and founder of Swimma Caps was inspired by the Ketsh Up story and decided to sponsor their branded yellow caps and is excited to be a part of this journey.


































Written by :  Liziwe Ndalana

Photography by : Maverick Coltman

Pictured : KetshUp Team, Port Elizabeth


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